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  • She was always on top of things, which is helpful for students when there is no structure in their lives and coming to class and seeing structure. She made everything very very clear and I could tell that she actually cared about our well-being and showed that in her teaching.

  • You are genuinely one of the nicest teachers/people I have ever met. Thanks so much for everything this year!

  • Tara did a great job this semester. She was always available, and willing to help students. 

  • I really enjoyed the activities that we did in recitation and she was always available for help.

  • Tara was a wonderful TA and came up with creative ways to engage us in recitations.

  • Great job relating to us as students during recitation

  • You are an awesome teacher!

  • Tara was a great TA! Her class was great, entertaining, very informative and she was always available to help.


Training and Technical Assistance

  • As the SART Coordinator for Colorado's 17th Judicial District I provide training and technical assistance regarding sexual assault, relevant policies, and information regarding special populations

Survivor Advocacy Training

  • As the Volunteer Coordinator for Women Helping Women (2015-2016), I regularly trained volunteer survivor advocates on working with survivors of sexual violence.

    • The 40-hours of training I taught was based on the curriculum recommended by the U.S. Department of Justice and principles of trauma-informed care.

    • Supervised volunteer survivor advocates who worked with survivors at the hospital, at their university, or within the criminal justice system.

Dating Violence Prevention Education

  • Taught Safe Dates dating violence prevention education to students at Talawanda High School in Oxford, Ohio, and incarcerated youth at the Butler County Juvenile Detention Center.


  • As a graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder, I had the opportunity to be a Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA) for three undergraduate courses: Sociology Statistics, U.S. Race and Ethnicity, and Sex and Gender in U.S. Society.

  • Within each of those courses, I worked alongside faculty members who provided the course's main lectures, and I taught three weekly recitation sections with approximately 33 students per section. Within these recitations, I taught about additional material not covered in class, worked through additional practice problems, or helped students connect abstract ideas and theories from class to real-world scenarios.

  • I also held weekly office hours, where I connected with students 1:1 or small groups to review challenging course material. Additionally, I made myself widely available over email for students and responded to student questions and concerns quickly. I have also been responsible for grading assignments and helping to develop examinations and essay prompts.

  • I love teaching undergraduate students and encouraging them within their educational journey!

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